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State of the art Data & Database Marketing Services with experienced team of technology/marketing professionals! We offer a full list of services including NCOA, Email, Merge Purge, Cons/Bus append, Foreign Processing, list rental & management.
Subject lines may look short and simple to write, but they're not. Similar to outer envelope teasers, subject lines are gatekeepers that can keep readers out ... or invite them in.
Marketers who want to view their customer’s journey, must fully integrate or consolidate all of their marketing data before they will see the true picture of their customers.
The ALLPRO Print Portal is a solution for businesses looking to streamline and automate the print, direct mail, sales, and marketing process.
over 170 catalogers have trusted since 1991. Full-service catalog creative, strategy, consulting, circulation, production, prepress. No commissions. No minimums. Results oriented. Client centered. For more sales, more profit, give us a call.
Fosina Marketing Group, Inc.

Fosina Marketing Group, Inc.

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Contact: Ray Schneeberger
51-53 Kenosia Ave
Danbury, CT 06810
Combining time-tested direct response principles with proven online best practices. Fosina was founded in 2003 by client-side Direct to Consumer marketing pioneers, Fosina Marketing Group today is a digital agency that helps leading brands acquire and retain quality customers through all media channels.

Acquire quality customers: We harness the power of media channels to reach, identify and convert your prospects to customers at or below your allowable cost per-order or established costof-acquisition. And we can offer performance-based solutions where you only pay for results delivered.
• Campaign strategy and planning
• Direct response creative services
• Market testing
• Media planning and placement
• Ad network and pay for performance management

Improve customer lifetime value: We not only land new customers,we also deploy retention and up-sell strategies to keep existing customers longer and monetize them better.
• Customer activation/re-activation
• Cross-sell and up-sell
• Database and house file marketing
• CRM and Loyalty programs

Build a continuum business: We are experienced at building leading continuity business models,subscription and membership for brands for companies like Kraft,Disney, Columbia House, Scholastic and North American Membership Group; we can architect and help you build your own highly profitable business, from strategic planning and merchandising—to establishing operational systems and fulfillment.
• Business planning and P&L modeling
• Front-end allowables and attritions
• Back-end operations and fulfillment
• Credit card processing, reactivation
and reauthorization

Establish a digital sales platform: Fosina web hosting offers a way to take orders online with verification
and state of the art screens, extensive reporting, and up-sell capabilities.
• PCI-compliant landing page hosting
• Credit card processing
• Real-time lead or order verification
• Fraud protection
• Online metrics and reporting
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